G. Brian Davis https://SparkRental.com

Brian is a landlord, real estate investor, and freelance writer specializing in personal finance, early retirement, and real estate.

And, of course, he's a co-founder of rental investing resource SparkRental.com. 

He spends ten months out of the year traveling overseas, and the other two months in his home town of Baltimore, MD. 

Deni Supplee https://SparkRental.com

Deni is a landlord, Realtor, property manager, mother, and now grandmother, who has spent over three decades in the real estate and property management fields.

She's the other co-founder of SparkRental.com, and invites you to check out all the free landlord resources there!

Don’t want to work forever?

Join Deni, Brian, and special guest Leif Kristjansen who retired in 5 years with rentals, for a new masterclass all about reaching FIRE (financial independence, retiring early) with real estate.

What you’ll learn:

  • The Exponential Power of “Less”: The math behind “leanFIRE” and reaching it with rental income.
  • Using Leverage for Speed: How to accelerate your results using other people’s money, and the math behind leverage for FIRE.
  • Predictability: Why rental properties are the world’s most predictable investments, and how that helps you with FIRE.
  • “Forever Income”: How rental income grows over time, rather than diminishing like equities do under a “safe withdrawal rate” strategy.
  • Tax Efficiencies: Tax benefits for real estate investors that accelerate FIRE.

We keep these fun, fast, and filled with actionable info for you. Reserve a seat, and bring your questions!